Car Door Defects

Car doors serve as a line of defense and protection. However, when these doors contain defects, serious injuries may result. The most common car door defects occur with the latches.

Door Latch Malfunctions

When car door latches are defective, the doors may fly open, especially upon impact. This causes a passenger or driver to be ejected from a vehicle. Upon ejection, an individual may be crushed by a rollover or oncoming traffic and may receive injuries after hitting the pavement. Statistics show door latch malfunctions lead to a rise in accident fatalities. Defective door latches may result in other serious injuries, including brain damage or paralysis. These conditions require extensive medical care.

The most common car door defect involves the remote rod. This item connects the door’s handle and latch. When this rod breaks or distorts, the door may open during an accident. The entire car may be placed at risk for collapse. Likewise, it is possible for the reverse to occur. When a car latch does not open properly, passengers and drivers may become trapped.

Testing for Car Door Defects

The motor vehicle industry requires automobile door latches to withstand a certain level of force. However, no crash tests simulate accidents that measure this force. It is nearly impossible to check for defects.

Proving Door Defects

Door defect cases may be difficult to substantiate. It is necessary to prove a car door was defective. It is essential to document all evidence through photographs and journals that include specific details. Even if injuries are minor, it is important to seek medial attention and report the defect. Car manufacturers need to be held responsible for damages so that no more lives are put at risk.