Roof Crush Injury

Roof crush injuries are extremely serious and may stem from inferior or defective roofing materials. During an accident, a car’s roof may crush when it is not crashworthy. These defects may cause devastating injuries to drivers and passengers. In this country, roof crush defect injuries kill over 10,000 people each year.

How Do Roof Crush Defects Cause Injuries?

When roofs are not made to withstand impact, shattered glass and other structural components are commonly strewn throughout the scene of an accident. These sharp pieces may cause severe lacerations. Also, the crushed roofs may reveal large spaces where occupants can be ejected from the vehicles. Finally, compromised roofs may collapse on occupants. Since seat belts are made to keep people sitting upright, roof collapses may cause severe spinal cord or brain injuries. Under tragic circumstances, people die.

Low Auto Industry Standards

Although the federal government passed laws to heighten the standards on auto roof strength, not all vehicles are made to comply. Many major SUV manufacturers are exempt from this legislation. Experts estimate it is inexpensive to incorporate high auto roof strength, but manufacturers ignore the possibilities of changing designs so that profits are not compromised at all.

Who is Liable for Injuries?

Automakers have a responsibility to provide safe products for consumers. When design flaws or poor materials cause people to become harmed, manufacturers must be held accountable. Most car manufacturers have been made aware of safety issues and often choose to sacrifice the public good for a better bottom line. This negligence should not be tolerated, especially since injuries may be severe.